Azerbaijan Carpet Museum


Since 1967 the greatest collection of Azeri carpets in the world has been kept in the Azerbaijan State Carpet Museum, which has the merit of having brought this art outside the city of Baku thanks to exhibitions around the world. Recognized as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO, Azerbaijan President Ilahm Aliyev has requested an appropriate structure for the conservation of the precious collection of carpets. As director of the project, Made in Project has fulfilled the will of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan to invest in projects with a high artistic and cultural value, for the wonders of Baku to be dressed in new light. Made in Project has designed the interiors, spaces and objects with particular attention to the practical and functional aspects and respecting passages. Furniture has been arranged in a functional way with the help of forefront materials and technologies; it has been paid attention to energy consumption/comfort ratio, to the optimization of filled spaces and the efficient use of empty spaces, all in harmony with the environment.